2021 Task Forces

Task Force Deadlines

2021 Deadlines

Following are the administrative deadlines for the reports and presentations. These deadlines are set for all Task Force groups; if there are any problems meeting these deadlines, it should be addressed in advance with International Studies Program Coordinator, Lauren Dobrovolny. Read the Student Handbook for more details related to the below calendar deadlines.

Important!: The Student Handbook also provides a recommended timeline for research periods, draft deadlines, etc. but those deadlines can and should be determined and changed by each individual Task Force group as necessary.


Mon04Jan 2021

Welcome to Task Force!

• First meeting with instructor and Task Force team (January 4, 5 or 6)

• Second meeting: Library Research Workshop (schedule will be emailed to instructor)

• By Jan 8 appoint your group's editor(s) and coordinator. Each task force Coordinator will contact LD to confirm the names of the editor and coordinator

• Make sure all students are available on Friday, March 12 **ALL DAY**
for Task Force evaluations.

Mon11Jan 2021

February 1-5 (Seven week research, writing and editing period)

Mon01Feb 2021

Feb 1 - 5, 2020 Submission Deadline for the Personal Release Form

• By Feb 5: Complete TF group personal release form (signed by all students and your instructor). Important: please email a hard copy of the personal release form to Lauren Dobrovolny @ ldobro@uw.edu by 4:00 p.m, Friday, Feb 5.

Mon15Feb 2021

Task Force Group Photos

• By Feb 19: Task Force Coordinators arrange to take class photo via Zoom session and email your group photo to ldobro@uw.edu.

Mon22Feb 2021

Task Force Report Title and Poster Project

• By Feb 24: Task Force Coordinators enter exact title of TF report in the Google spreadsheet. Please email Lauren Dobrovolny ldobro@uw.edu if you do not have access to this spreadsheet).
• Mid-to-end-of week: final versions of chapters to editors/coordinators.
• Collation and merging of individual chapters, formatting final report MS.
• By Feb 26: Poster team meet with Elcin Gurbuz elcing@uw.edu to review poster guidelines. This meeting can be arranged earlier by reaching out to Elin. At this point, there is one week remaining to work out any design and content issues.

Mon01Mar 2021

Final Version of Task Force Report and Poster Due

• MAR 4: Please email your TF report as a PDF document to ldobro@uw.edu by Noon (remember no more than 12 pages with color throughout the report).
• March 4: Poster team- Email final poster version to Elcin Gurbuz elcing@uw.edu by end of day. Please have your Instructor sign off on poster content.
• Mar 5: Email the final PDF electronic version of the report to your group’s evaluator and to ldobro@uw.edu.