Brook Alongi


Brook is currently working on two graduate research projects:

  • Diabetic Vernaculars: The Etymological History and contemporary cultural definition of Shakar in South Asia
  • Advancing the Sendai Framework: A Study of South Asian Disaster Risk Reduction Leaders at UNDRR Conferences

Research Interests:

South Asia and the Near East, Diabetes, UNDRR, Disaster Studies, Disability Studies, Social Resilience, Communal Ritual, Oral Tradition, Executive Leadership Attributes, Urdu and Persian.


Brook earned a BA in South Asian Studies from the Jackson School of International Studies in 2010.  He’s lived in Japan, India and Nepal.  His background includes distinguished military service, corporate leadership, organization and individual transformational coaching, high tech manufacturing process analysis and efficiency strategies, mountain rescue and wilderness medicine.  Brook’s lifelong commitment to personal fitness has allowed extreme climbing endeavors in remote global locales.  Brook has raised his own horses and trained them as a partner in mountain adventure life.  He also developed a large parcel of raw land and personally built his own home in Eastern Washington before graduate school began.

Academic Ambitions for Personal Growth:

Apply to select PhD programs allowing the continuation of current graduate research regarding social resilience factors in South Asia.

Post Academia:

Brook’s primary reason for attending graduate school is to lay the groundwork for a rewarding professional career with the United Nations or an NGO operating overseas.