Southeast Asian Pasts and Futures

Southeast Asian Pasts and Futures brings together APIA and first-gen students with diasporic communities to celebrate cultural strength and resilience. With the support of UW faculty and Burke Museum staff, students will design their own projects and curriculum, work directly with objects in the Southeast Asian collections, and build relationships with APIA knowledge holders in the Puget Sound. Each quarter, students will participate in critical conversations and community-building activities while exploring the field of museum studies and practicing indigenous research methods. They will develop important skills in leadership, networking, and utilizing the resources of an R1-university to help prepare them for graduate school and active roles in their communities. At its heart, this program is about decolonization: of knowledge, institutions, and ourselves. It centers the voices and experiences of students with links to Southeast Asia, and re-examines the museum and the university as spaces we may claim and transform. Students will receive small stipends to help cover the costs of participation. Come be part of the first cohort!  

Southeast Asian Pasts and Futures (SEAPF) will be 3-credits in Autumn, and 5-credits in both Winter and Spring. You may enroll for one quarter, two quarters, or all three. For UW Bothell IAS students, SEAPF will apply towards the IPR requirement! For non-IAS students, SEAPF will apply towards elective credits, however we encourage you to connect with your academic advisor to discuss if SEAPF can be applied towards internship, fieldwork, or research requirements (if applicable) for your degree requirements. Registration details will be shared with admitted applicants.

Class Meetings:
Meetings will be held weekly and will vary according to our needs. We expect to meet at the Burke Museum bi-weekly and students will receive a stipend to help cover the cost of transportation and parking. Meetings not held at the museum will convene on the UWB campus or via Zoom; we will occasionally meet at the Suzzallo Library and community sites.

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Direct inquiries to Professor Raissa DeSmet rdesmet@uw.edu