Voices Database


Voices: Data from an Expansive Christian Community is a structured repository of people, published media, and affiliate organizations that expands the voices of American Evangelicalism and represents a diverse, ecumenical, and global vision of Christianity. The data elevates diverse content creators across disciplines who engage in smart and significant conversation about Christianity and its intersections with other faiths, race, social justice, gender, sexuality, and environmentalism.

The dataset is the vision and creation of Charis Tobias, a 2021 graduate of UW’s Master of Library and Information Science program.

The drive for this project was to highlight conversations about Christianity that present alternate and diverse Evangelical perspectives. New, vibrant conversations around exvangelicalism, deconstruction, and decolonization are becoming major conversation topics, while more historical theological context like liberation theology and feminist theology provide grounding and scholarly study to the discussion. This project showcases the voices of diverse, global Christian and Christian-adjacent thinkers who historically may not have had as much mainstream recognition. Not every voice in this repository identifies as Christian—some no longer, some never were—but they all contribute to the broader picture of diverse Christianity.


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