Study Abroad: Rome

Making Life Worth Living: Rome
Study Abroad Winter 2023

Students, apply here by October 10, 2022.

Spend your winter in Rome!

Making Life Worth Living in Rome 2023 is a program for undergraduates at the UW who want to be proactive about discovering the riches of their own lives. It includes two courses: The first, Western Religious traditions (RELIG 201), explores Judaism, Christianity and Islam by focusing on the history, beliefs and practices of each of these Abrahamic faiths. The second course, A Life Worth Living (RELIG 101), invites students to look at their lives, to find what gives them joy, meaning and purpose.

The opportunity to engage in these complementary topics in Rome is unparalleled. Rome is one of the singular hubs for Western Religions in the world, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Rome, students will have the benefit of being able to visit sites they are studying, and to imagine what, how, and why these religions came to dominate so much of Europe, and indeed, so many parts of our world. For RELIG 101, we will have time to reflect on who we are and what religious information impacts our lived identity. We will also do activities that range from social volunteering to understanding how faith is lived out in this fascinating city at once both ancient and modern.

Rome is rich in history and complete with people from every culture and religion of the world. We could not be more excited to run this unique program in Winter Quarter 2023!

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Quick Facts:

Affiliated Department Jackson School of International Studies
UW Study Abroad Program Manager Katherine R Kroeger
UW Credits 12 – 14
UW Program Director Andrew Bunnell, Jim Wellman
UW Program Staff Email