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The Eugene and Marilyn Webb Scholarship

Deadline for application is Jan. 15, 2016.
The Eugene and Marilyn D. Webb Scholarship recognizes academic merit and promise at both the undergraduate and graduate level by awarding grants to students on the basis of their academic record and writing ability. Candidates must be either a major in the Comparative Religion Program or an enrolled student in the Comparative Religion track of the International Studies Master's degree program and have completed at least one quarter of work at the UW. (Students with at least one quarter's work at the UW are eligible to apply.) Should no qualified Comparative Religion candidates be identified, the Comparative Religion faculty may award students majoring in an adjacent field of study (for example: anthropology, history, literature, philosophy or sociology) but with a special interest in the comparative study of religion.


The Comparative Religion Program provides its undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of funding opportunities. Students may seek funding from both within and outside of the Jackson School. For a list of possible scholarships and other funding opportunities go to:

UW Fellowships
Other University of Washington departments and schools offer a variety of fellowships for both undergraduate and undergraduate students. Please see the UW Fellowships page for more information.

Outside Funding

In past years NELC undergraduate and graduate students have been awarded various fellowships from sources outside of the University of Washington. Please see the Outside Funding page for more information.

Financial Aid

The UW Office of Student Financial Aid can assist students with a variety of financial aid options including grants and scholarships, work-study, student loans and state and federal financial aid.


The Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) also has links to similar funding opportunities.

The Marilyn Domoto Endowed Fellowship.
This award of $5,000 is made annually to one or two in-coming graduate students. There is no need to apply for this fellowship, the materials used for application to the MA Program are sufficient for this purpose.

Interaction between scholars and the education of the wider community on issues of religion is crucial to the health of both scholars and the community. With the Programs annual colloquia, scholars are able to share insights from diverse fields. With the annual lecture on Religion and Contemporary Public Life the community is educated in the importance of understanding religion in its global and pluralistic nature.

2010 Japanese Government Scholarships
The Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle is now accepting applications for the following 2010 Japanese Government Scholarships for studying in Japan. U.S. citizens living in the states of Washington, Montana, and Northern Idaho are eligible to apply at our office.
The applications are available at
Japanese Studies Scholarship 
This program offers students a one year intensive course of the Japanese
language and Japanese studies at a Japanese university. Available to undergraduate students who are currently majoring or minoring in Japan-related studies at a 4-year university. 

Scholarship Benefits (Details may be subject to change)

1. Monthly stipend
    (125, 000 yen for Japanese Studies Scholarship)
     (152, 000 yen for Teacher Training Student Scholarship)
2. Airfare to and from Japan
3. Exemption of school fees for entrance examination, matriculation, and tuition
For more information and application
  Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle
  Scholarship Desk
  Phone: 206-682-9107 ext.135

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Student Advising, Linda Iltis
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