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Study Christianity in Rome Spring 2017!

August 8, 2016

SOC SPR 2017 Study Abroad

An information session on the Study Abroad program, Christianity in Rome, will be held August 15th, 2016 3:30pm—5:00pm in Savery Hall, Room 409 on the UW campus, Seattle.

Courses scheduled for that program are:

SOC 401a The Roman Empire and Christianity (5 credits) This course will examine the Roman Empire into which Christianity was born, and how the Roman world changed as the church moved from the margins to the center of power. There will be an emphasis on visiting the sites in and around Rome where events key to this story took place. This course and SOC 401b (below) will be taught by the program director, guest speakers and local guides.

SOC 401b Secularization & Revival in the Church (5 credits) This course will focus on the tensions between the church and the world: What factors pushed the church in the direction of seeking worldly status, wealth and power, and what factors pushed it back toward its original mission? The topics we’ll be discussing include, among others: the persecution of the early church; the effects of the Emperor Constantine’s legalization of Christianity; various reform movements; and the ongoing tension between the mystical and institutional forms of Christianity.

SOC 195 Study Abroad: Sociology (5 credits) For this “service learning” program, students will serve as volunteers at a center serving refugees from a variety of countries. In addition to making a contribution to the community, in this course students will be reminded that Rome goes on; life in Rome today is full of modern issues and challenges, including the challenge of coping with an influx of immigrants. This course will be supervised by the program director and the center directors. Additionally, students will be required to turn in periodic reflections on their service learning (and other) experiences, and to discuss those experiences in a group setting.

For more information please contact Susan Pitchford at

August 15th, 2016 3:30pm—5:00pm Savery Room 409

Comparative Religion Staff