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Gender and the Hindu Goddess student essay selected for Seattle Art Museum’s Object of the Week website

August 25, 2022

This past Winter, Professor Pauwels taught her class, Gender and the Hindu Goddess (RELIG 456), during which the students were treated to a virtual visit (and those who wanted to an in-person one) to the Seattle Asian Art Museum’s (SAM) special exhibit, “Embodied Change: South Asian Art Across Time.”

The students were given the option to write a final exhibition essay in lieu of the usual research paper, with the possibility of it being selected for SAM’s “Object of the Week” website. The winner was Ji In, an undergraduate student in the class. Sho wrote a strong essay on a Kālī image from the folk tradition of Mithila, called Madhubani. Read her essay and learn about this unusual image on the blog.

Dr. Pauwels will teach RELIG 456 Gender and the Hindu Goddess again in Winter 2023. Stay tuned for details and registration!


Comparative Religion Staff