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September 12, 2016

“If you have ever been interested in anything having to do with Buddhism, Hinduism, South Asian, Southeast Asian, or East Asian Cultures, Sanskrit is one of the best ways to get an inside perspective on religions and culture of Asia. It is a very systematic language to learn, and beautiful too. Learning Sanskrit can also help you learn other languages too. I can speak from experience and recommend it highly as one of the most enriching languages to study!”—-Linda Iltis, Lead Advisor, Jackson School of International Studies

Sanskrit 101, aut 2016Sanskrit 101, aut 2016
Graduate students: SNKRT 511 Elementary Sanskrit SLN 22656
MTWThF 9:30-10:20 (enrollment limit: 22)
Instructor: Collett Cox

Elementary Sanskrit presents the basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of Sanskrit, the classical language of India. Students will also learn the Devanagari script in which Sanskrit is often written and will use a Sanskrit textbook that presents the grammar in the context of elementary readings from traditional epic literature. The course will be of interest to students of all majors since Sanskrit texts cover a range of topics including literature, philosophy, grammar, linguistics, medicine, and science. Elementary Sanskrit is ideal for students looking for a small class, personal attention, and an opportunity to work collectively.


Comparative Religion Staff