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New and Exciting Course!

November 29, 2017

Winter 2018

New Comparative Religion Course for Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate Students!

JSIS 578 C – Special Topics: Cross- Cultural Religious Literacy

Mondays, 9:30a-12:20p
Finding solutions to global challenges demands different perspectives, as well as partnerships among individuals and institutions who do not share the same values. How does one build unity without uniformity across sectors—each of which possess believers and faith-based actors—in order to effectively lead in complicated times? Through theory, case study and the practical experience of both the instructor and the students, this course understands and wrestles with the role of religion in context—at least as an underexamined analytic factor, and perhaps even as tremendous force for the common good – and seeks to teach the skill sets of evaluation (self & contextual), communication, and negotiation as a means to mutual literacy and respect across cultures and countries.

Comparative Religion Staff