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New edited volume ‘Holy Monsters, Sacred Grotesques’ from alumnus Mike Heyes

July 2, 2018

Holy Monsters, Sacred Grotesques

Comparative Religion M.A. alumnus Michael E. Hayes has an upcoming book (July 2018) “Holy Monsters, Sacred Grotesques – Monstrosity and Religion in Europe and the United States” published by Rowman and Littlefield.

Holy Monsters, Sacred Grotesques examines the intersection of religion and monstrosity in a variety of different time periods in the hopes of addressing two gaps in scholarship within the field of monster studies. The first part of the volume—running from the medieval to the Early Modern period—focuses upon the view of the monster through non-majority voices and accounts from those who were themselves branded as monsters. Overlapping partially with the Early Modern and proceeding to the present day, the contributions of the second part of the volume attempt to problematize the dichotomy of secular/religious through a close look at the monsters this period has wrought.

Edited by Michael E. Heyes – Contributions by Linda C. Ceriello; Thomas S. Franke; John Block Friedman; John W. Ellis-Etchison; Michael E. Heyes; Minji Lee; Susanne Margarit McColeman; Cathleen McKague; AnaMaria Seglie and Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock

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