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Introduction to the Qur’an – Spring 2017

March 1, 2017

No Arabic is required for Prof. Terri DeYoung’s introduction to the Qur’an (also spelled Koran) this spring. The Qur’an is the most influential written work in Arabic and has had an unmatched impact on the development of Islamic institutions and Islamic literatures for more than 1400 years.  The course emphasizes the historical context of the Qur’an’s revelation, the history of the
text, its collection, organization, and interpretation. The course is offered in English.

NEAR E 231/RELIG 212 A
SLNs: 17543, 19087
MTWTh 3:30-4:20
5-Credits/VLPN, I&S
Condon 135

Comparative Religion Staff