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Graduate students report in……

April 7, 2016

Please send news and information about fellow classmates to

Class of 1991
Kathryn Siberling, 
Professor of Biblical Studies Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA.

Class of 1997
Michael Thomas,
Associate Professor Classical Languages and Humanities and Director of Honors Program, Concordia University

Class of 1999
Susan Zakin,
Ph.D. Program, University of Chicago. Tibetan Buddhist death rituals.

Class of 2006
Jennifer Webster
 Ph.D. in History from the University of Washington. Her dissertation: “Toward a Sacred Topography of Central Asia: Shrines, Pilgrimage, and Gender in Kyrgyzstan,” was directed by Professors Glennys Young and Joel Walker

Class of 2008
Michael Heyes, Visiting instructor at the  University of South Florida. Michael had a 4 year scholarship to Rice for his Ph.D.

Class of 2009
Katie Corcoran, Assist. Prof., West Virginia University, Dept of Sociology/Anthropology. She was awarded a 2014 post doc at Baylor, Institute Study of Religion and received a Ph.D. in 2012 in Sociology from the UW.

This year Alex Kocar  earned a Ph.D. in Early Christianity from Princeton University focusing on religions of Mediterranean antiquity.
Jennifer Callaghan (2009) Doctoral student in American Religions at Northwestern University, American Religions.

Class of 2015
Wendy Chapin,
Ph.D. program, UW Information School

F. Mara Sobotka is an academic editor, writing tutor, Hebrew instructor and writing for a yoga/Eastern philosophy site called Embodied Philosophy. Her first piece was published last month (with three more articles coming out in the next 5 weeks or so.)

Laura Randall  returned from Lahore, Pakistan, where she studied at the American Institute of Pakistan Studies through UC Berkeley’s Urdu Language Program. This fall she enters the Anthropology Department at Syracuse working towards a Ph.D.

Class of 2016
Lara Herstrom will enter Louisiana State University’s  Law Center in the fall, pursuing a J.D. degree,with a diploma in Comparative Law and focus civil rights and social justice issues.


Kathleen Lowney (1981), Professor of Sociology, at Valdosta State University, GA. She earned her Ph.D. & M.A. from Drew University focusing on Religion and Society.


Comparative Religion Staff