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The Chief State Oracle from Tibet…..

October 17, 2016

Tibet’s Chief State Oracle, the Venerable Thupten Ngodup, will offer a healing blessing ceremony on Saturday, October 29th, at 5:00 pm at Fremont Abbey, 4272 Fremont Ave N, Seattle. The event is free with a suggested donation of $10.

There will be an introduction by University of Washington Retired Professor, Ter Ellingson, who is considered an expert in the trance possession of Tibet’s Chief State Oracle.

As in many ancient civilizations of the world, the phenomenon of oracles remains an important part of the Tibetan way of life. The purpose of the oracle is not just to foretell the future, but to act as the protector of peace and harmony on the earth and support spiritual training and practitioners.

According to Tibetan History, the spirit of Nechung first entered into a human being in 1544. The present Nechung Kuten, the Venerable Thupten Ngodup, was born on July 13, 1958 in Phari, Tibet, and is a descendant of the famous Tibetan Tantric Master, Nga-dak Nyang-relwa (1136-1204).

Thupten Ngodup  is the founder of Bay Area Nechung Buddhist Center affiliated with Nechung Monastery in Dharamsala. The Center is dedicated to promoting culture and wisdom of the Buddhist Tradition to people of all walks of life. Donations will benefit the Center. The event is hosted by Amy Lindsey Richards and John Richards.  MORE INFORMATION:

Comparative Religion Staff