International Policy Institute / Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy

International Policy Institute

The University of Washington’s new International Policy Institute, located within the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, has been established with a mission to generate original thinking on emerging topics in international affairs and bring a new and uniquely Pacific Northwest voice to the policy conversation.

The International Policy Institute is funded by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York aimed at improving the transfer of research and expertise between higher education and the policy world in the area of global affairs. We leverage the research and expertise of Jackson School faculty and host a platform for collaboration between the UW, partner universities and international affairs practitioners, including business leaders, international development experts, government officials, and security professionals.

The work of the Institute centers around three core pillars:

  1. Training students and faculty with an interest in engaging more effectively with the international policy and decision-making community.
  2. Generating new approaches and original thinking on critical global challenges by leveraging the unique perspectives and strategic location of scholars and practitioners in the Pacific Northwest.
  3. Serving as a resource on the emerging international affairs landscape for local, national, and international audiences.

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Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy Initiative

The Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy (CCRL) Initiative helps bridge the gap between interdisciplinary scholars and global practitioners—from diplomats and military to NGOs and business—by teaching skill sets at the intersection of religion & realpolitik. Bringing new thinking and a Pacific Northwest perspective of inquiry & innovation, this initiative will serve as a research and professional development resource for leaders from our region, the Pacific Rim, and our world. We are anxious to hear about your education and training needs as we build classes and curricula that account for the complex religious dynamics of global engagement.

Find out more about the Religion Initiative here.


IPI-Religion discusses teaching partnership with Vietnamese National University-Hanoi

Professor Jim Wellman, head of the IPI-Religion Initiative, along with Chris Seiple and Randy Thompson, also both Sr. Fellows at the IPI, visited Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam this past summer from June 23rd-29th, 2018. The three were invited by Vietnam National University-Hanoi to discuss a potential partnership to deliver Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy training, based on materials developed through Carnegie’s funding for IPI-Religion. The meeting was a great success, and has subsequently led to a proposed seminar in the fall of 2019.

Jim Wellman with Mr. Nguyen Tam Chien, Former Ambassador to the United States and Current President of the Vietnam-USA Society

Jim Wellman with Mr. Nguyen Tam Chien, Former Ambassador to the United States and Current President of the Vietnam-USA Society

While in Hanoi, other activities included a meeting with the leadership of the Vietnam-USA Society – the government agency tasked with facilitating collaboration with US universities and NGOs.

Chris Seiple speaking at USSH

Chris Seiple speaking at USSH

Additionally, Chris Seiple delivered an address at the opening of the Religion and the Rule of Law Center at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and was invited by the Dean of the Diplomatic Academy of Hanoi to discuss the role of religion in our respective curricula.