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JSIS B 598 Colloquium

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The JSIS B 598 colloquium is required of all Comparative Religion graduate students each quarter of their graduate school experience here at the UW. Its intention is to establish a community of young scholars comfortable interacting with each other as individuals, within a group of peers and with more experienced faculty. A strong network of colleagues will provide students with opportunities for collaboration and peer exchanges. Students are encouraged to propose colloquium speakers and topics that are of interest to them or that further their scholarly goals. This course is self-directed and student-coordinated and as such, its success depends on YOU. (Graduate students from other disciplines are welcome with the approval of instructor who will assist with providing add code as needed.)

Each quarter, there will be two types of activities:

     A. Lectures
         Each quarter, the University sponsors lectures that relate to the field of Comparative Religion. These lectures are presented by scholars and at the UW and from other institutions. Lectures outside of Comparative Religion may be substituted IF a student has a scheduling conflict but students are strongly encourage to attend lectures that we recommend.
     A professor or visiting lecturer will present a topic of his or her choice. The format of this guest lecture will be determined by the speaker.

Within a week following the lecture, students must submit a one paragraph response to the lecture to Professor Tokuno ( in order to receive credit for attending the lecture.
     Students are encouraged to propose colloquium speakers and topics. Optional: Students are strongly encouraged to attend additional lectures and to take initiative in proposing other relevant activities such as film showings, theatre presentations, and performances. (For a list of all events on campus It is hoped that students will share their impressions of these experiences with their colleagues in class.

     B. Student Coordinated Activities
             1. A graduate student will summarize a journal article form his or her field that will be  circulated electronically among the students at least one week before meeting. The student presenting is responsible for explaining the issues addressed in the article and their significance. The presenter will facilitate discussion based on the issues raised in the article (with special emphasis on the theoretical and methodological issues as they relate to topics covered in Religion 510).
              2. A graduate student will present a paper that he or she has written. This will also be circulated at least one week beforehand, and the guidelines for presenting the paper will follow those mentioned above.

     In keeping with the goals of the course, the following positions must be filled by participating graduate students:
1. General Colloquium Coordinator (second or third year graduate student)
     * General liaison between class and Prof. Tokuno on all details.
     * Responsible for room reservations coordinated with Ms. Paxton,

2. Communications & Attendance Coordinator
     * Responsible for circulating the attendance sheet at the beginning of each event.
     * Report this information at the end of each quarter to Professor Tokuno
     * E-mail notifier
     * Send e-mails to the students reminding them of the next event
     * Distribute electronically students' journal article/paper a week before presentation

3. Web Page Calendar editor
     * Responsible for writing copy that needs to be added to the Religion 510 web page
     * Coordinate with Ms. Paxton,, Tho 433
     * Update the calendar of events

4. Food Coordinator
    * Responsible for ordering pizza for each presentation
     * Collect money or other remuneration for food





Events/Lectures etc.

October 16

7:30 pm, Kane Hall, ROOM 110
Prof. Randall Balmer, Dartmouth College, delivers the Founders Annual Lecture in Comparative REligion and Contemporary Life.
He will speak on, "Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter and The Making of Evangelicalism: From Revivalism to Politics and Beyond."
(His book, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Journey into the Evangelical Subculture in America, now in its fourth edition, was made into an award-winning, three-part documentary for PBS.)




The following requirements must be met in order to receive credit for JSIS B 598:
     Attendance - Students must attend 80% of the aforementioned activities. An attendance sheet will be circulated at the beginning of each event (excluding outside lectures).
     Written response to outside lecture(s) – one paragraph of no fewer than 300 words.
This must be e-mailed to Professor Tokuno within one week of the lecture in order to count

Archived Colloquium

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