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Comparative Religion

Thomson Hall Room 433
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Concentration: Judaism

JSIS B 145/Introduction to Judaism and
JSIS B 250/HIST 250/Introduction to Jewish Cultural History
OR approved equivalents from other institution(s).

Primary Source Languages: Hebrew in most cases, but other languages are possible, including Yiddish, Ladino and Aramaic.

At least one course in which religious texts are read in Hebrew. This may be satisfied by arranging for an Independent Study with an appropriate professor

OR, depending on the specific reading materials selected by the instructor in a given quarter, by taking HEBR 401, 402 OR 403/Hebrew Literature

AND at least four of the following:
ARAMIC 422 Targumic Aramaic
NEAR E 215 Prophets in Islam and Judaism
NEAR E 220 Introduction to the Ancient Near East
NEAR E 231 The Dead Sea Scrolls
NEAR E 240 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
NEAR E/JSIS B 451 The Biblical Song of Songs
NEAR E/JSIS B 449 The Biblical Prophets
NEAR E/JSIS B 454 Israel: First Six Centuries BCE
NEAR E/JSIS D 455 Kings of Monarchic Israel
NEAR E 457 History of Biblical Interpretation
NEAR E 458 The Babylonian Talmud Judaism
NEAR E 496 The Biblical Megilloth:  Ecclesiastes, Esther, Lamentations, Ruth, Song of Song
NEAR E 496 The Biblical Psalms
NEAR E 496 The Use of the Hebrew Bible in Early Christianity
NEAR E 496 The Book of Ezekiel
NEAR E 597 Greece and the Ancient Near East
HEBR 414 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I
HEBR 415 Elementary Biblical Hebrew II
HEBR 426 Biblical Hebrew Prose
HEBR 427 Biblical Hebrew Poetry
HEBR 428 Inscriptions from Biblical Times
HEBR 460 Medieval Hebrew Poetry
PHIL 418 Jewish Philosophy
JSIS B 400 Jewish Mystical Tradition
JSIS B 405 Scripture in Judaism
JSIS B G410 Law and Judaic Experience
JSIS B 358 Modern Jewish Thought
JSIS B 457 History of Biblical Interpretation
JSIS B 495 Early Judaism
JSIS D 465/HSTEU 465 The Jews of Eastern Europe
JSIS  B 367HSTEU 467 Medieval Jewish History
JSIS/HSTEU 468 Early Modern Jewish History (1492-1789)
JSIS/HSTEU 469 Modern Jewish History (1770-1949)

Program Coordinator, Loryn Paxton
Thomson Hall, room 433
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-4835

Graduate Advising, Paula Milligan
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Student Advising, Linda Iltis
Transfer credits from another university to UW, inquire about learning abroad programs etc
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