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“The more we understand religion and the better able we are as a result to be able to engage religious actors, the more effective our diplomacy will be in advancing the interests and values of our people.” — Secretary of State John Kerry

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Initiative for Global Christianity

Christianity today is the most populous religion in the world, with more than two and a half billion followers across Europe, North and South America, Africa, and many parts of Asia. In an initiative led by James Wellman, Chair of the University of Washington’s Comparative Religion Program, the University of Washington seeks to develop a robust program of teaching and research focused on the study of Christianity in its global context.

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With this goal, Robert Stacey, Dean of the UW’s College of Arts and Sciences, and Reşat Kasaba, Director of the Henry M. Jackson School for International Studies, have authorized the Comparative Religion Program to seek funding for the creation of a new Center for Global Christian Studies. Central to this vision is the goal of endowing 6 new faculty positions exploring the history, culture, and spirituality of Christianity in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, and the Orthodox world. There is also strong interest in raising funds for a chair in the field of Catholic studies. With its focus on modern and contemporary forms of Christianity, the Center would vastly enhance the University of Washington’s capacity to foster teaching and research on the full spectrum of global Christian communities.

Interested in learning more about this exciting initiative at the University of Washington? Please contact Jim Wellman here.

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