International Studies (General) – Major and Minor

Ethnicity Identity & Migration Track

Take two additional from the following list or the list above:

To help you choose among the courses of the Ethnicity and Nationalities Track, some additional information about the courses is presented below. You should also feel free to contact the faculty members who offer these courses to discuss their fit with your interests.

• Courses dealing with race relations and racism: SOC/AES 362, SOC/AES 461
• Courses dealing with ethnic identity:ANTH 428, ANTH 464/LING 464, JSIS B/POL S 436, JSIS A/ANTH 470
• Courses dealing with language:JSIS B 361/ANTH 464/LING 464
• Courses focused on particular areas/peoples:SOC/AES 362 (Americas), JSIS D468 (Near East), JSIS A/ANTH 470 (China), JSIS C/HSTEU 465 (Jews/Eastern Europe)
• Courses dealing with current policy issues:SOC/AES 362, JSIS D 468, ANTH 464/LING 464, POL S 493