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QUAL Courses

Last updated November 24th, 2020 at 4:27 pm

Courses listed below are graduate-level courses approved for the QUAL concentration. The QUAL Steering Committee has categorized them as methods courses, gateway courses, and theory courses, to assist students in finding the course the best suits their needs. Students participating in the QUAL concentration will need to take courses from a variety of these classes to fulfill their concentration requirements.

Not all courses are offered every year. Please see our list of upcoming QUAL courses to help plan your coursework.


Methods courses delve deeply into and equip students to employ specific qualitative methods or techniques.

Course Number Course Title Credits
ANTH 519 / GH 538 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Anthropology and Public Health 5
ANTH 549 / DANCE 550 Dance Ethnography 3
ANTH 550 Ethnographic Field Techniques 5
COM 513 Fieldwork Research Methods 5
COM 514 Critical Discourse Analysis 5
COM 525 Community Based Research Methods 5
COM 597 Special Topics: Interviewing for Social Research 5
EDC&I 505 Special Topics in Qualitative Methods: Interviewing & Observing 3
GEOG 525 Advanced Qualitative Methods in Geography 5
GH 531 Practical Research & Evaluation Methods for Global Health 3
JSIS 512 Qualitative Data Analysis 5
JSIS 595-Winter Research Tutorial: Qualitative Research 5
NMETH 583 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 4
NURS 576 Assessment & Collaboration with Communities, Populations, and Systems 3
POLS 504 Designing Multi-Method Field Research 5
PUBPOL 525 Qualitative Case-Based Research Methods 4


Gateway courses are broad umbrella courses that introduce a variety of qualitative methods and foreground research design principles.

Course Number Course Title Credits
AIS 501 / GWSS 510 Documentary Research Methods for the Social Sciences and Humanities 5
BIO A 525 Research Methods & Study Design in Biocultural Anthropology 5
COM 527 Global Communication Research Methods 5
EDPSY 586 Qualitative Methods of Educational Research I 4
EDPSY 587 Qualitative Methods of Educational Research II 4
FRENCH 590 Qualitative Research Methods 5
HSERV 538-9 Evaluation and Community Organizing 6
JSIS 595-Autumn Research Tutorial: Research Methods & Design 5
NMETH 582 Qualitative Research Inquiry and Methods 4
SOC 582 Doing Qualitative Research 3
SOCWL 581 Qualitative Research: Methods and Designs 3
SOCWL 585 Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research I 3


Theory courses focus on paradigms, epistemologies, and implications of research design and qualitative methods.

Course Number Course Title Credits
B H 552 Advanced Qualitative Methods 4
COM 597 Special Topics: Comparative Social Research 5
GWSS 503 Feminist Research and Methods of Inquiry 5
NMETH 588 Mixed Methods Research for Health Sciences 4
SOCWL 586 Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research II 3

*NB: Some courses require prerequisites. Please check the the course requirements page listed in time schedule or on MyPlan for complete information.

**Previous course lists, using the classification of List I and List II can be found here.