QUAL Concentration

QUAL Courses List II

Courses designated below are on List II of the QUAL concentration. Students can take up to two of these courses to complete the concentration.

Course Number Course Title Course Description
AIS 501/ GWSS 510 Documentary Research Methods for the Social Sciences and Humanities This course focuses on research methods for documentary production, exploring issues of collaboration and reciprocity, oral traditions, film and historiography, intellectual property rights, ethics of representation, archives and fair use, and documentary aesthetics.
ANTH 549/ DANCE 550 Dance Ethnography Theoretical and practical experience in dance and performance ethnography, ethnology, and oral history. Introduces theories and methods of ethnographic fieldwork, ethnographic writing, and ethnologic analysis.
ANTH 550 Ethnographic Field Techniques Teaches techniques of collecting, ordering, and utilizing ethnographic data in the field. Discusses problems of rapport, elicitation, observation, interpretation, and ethics.
BH 522 Advanced Qualitative Methods This course uses a mix of theoretical and applied readings to gain an understanding of 3 qualitative methods: phenomenology, discourse analysis, and grounded theory.
BIO A 525 Research Methods and Study Design in Biocultural Anthropology Surveys basic conceptual issues in the design of empirical research with special attention to problems that arise during anthropological fieldwork. Topics include defining data needs, sampling strategies, human subjects approval and ethical issues.
COM 527 Global Communication Research Methods Research that deals with or compares data from different countries and cultures confronts a special set of methodological issues due to variability in language, culture, geopolitical orientation and more. Students should come away from this course with a firm grasp of specific issues to consider when designing or assessing research where the researcher is of a different culture than the object(s) of study.
COM 597 Interviewing for Social Research This class provides an introduction to the strategies, issues and challenges associated with interview-based social research. Students will learn by doing: reading core debates surrounding different facets of interview-based research and then responding to prompts asking them to make and justify choices for their own project.
EDC&I 505D Special Topics in Qualitative Methods: Interviewing & Observing This seminar focuses on using interviews and observations as key methods in qualitative research. We will read texts that explain various approaches to these methods, as well as read and critique research papers that use the methods. Concurrently, students will write and pilot interview protocols for their own research study.
FRENCH 590 Qualitative Research Methods Both theoretical and practical, this course covers the fundamentals of qualitative research methods. Students will design and implement a small-scale qualitative study collecting different forms of data including field notes, interviews, and participant observation. They will explore data analysis, learn how to code data and present findings. Taught in English.
GEOG 525 Advanced Qualitative Methods in Geography The purpose of this course is: 1) to expand and deepen knowledge about qualitative research methods; 2) to practice the use of these techniques such as interviewing and discourse analysis; 3) to examine current issues in qualitative methodology; and 4) to discuss the intersections between critical social theory and methods.
GWSS 503 Feminist Research and Methods of Inquiry This seminar explores feminist methods of inquiry and how feminist movements for social change articulate with research and scholarship. It is designed to help graduate students develop their own understandings of feminist research principles.
JSIS 512 Qualitative Data Analysis This course is designed for graduate students who have taken an introductory qualitative methods course, have selected 1 or more qualitative methodological approaches for their research, and are ready to start or have already started collecting evidence. The emphasis on this course is data analysis for inductive insight, rather than deductive, hypothesis testing.
POL S 502 Qualitative Research This class covers topics including comparative case studies, case selection, within-case analysis, causal mechanisms, and process-tracing.
SOC 519 Fieldwork: Observations and Interviews The focus of this course is on conducting field research and qualitative interviews. Topics discussed include gaining access to a field site, field techniques, Institutional Review Board Applications, issues related to ethics and research formulation.
SOC 520 Fieldwork: Observation and Interviewing Logic and techniques of qualitative social research and analysis. Intensive interviewing, participant observation, qualitative data analysis (including applications of data base technology, problem reformulation, and techniques of visual documentation).
SOC 582A Doing Qualitative Research This course takes a hands-on approach to learning qualitative sociological research, with students fine-tuning and implementing a small project during the quarter.
SOC 590B Qualitative Research in Sociology: Epistemology, Goals and Contributions This seminar explores the various purposes to which qualitative sociological research is usefully (and less usefully) put. It is not a hands-on methods course. It is an exploration of the goals and contributions of qualitative sociological research and an analysis of the methods and research designs that enable these contributions.
SOC WL 586 Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research II The second in a two quarter sequence offering intensive experience in the theory and application of qualitative and ethnographic research methods. Prepares students for conducting qualitative studies and for combining qualitative and quantitative research.