QUAL Concentration

How to Apply

Step 1: Students must declare their intention to complete the QUAL Concentration by filling out the planning form and submitting it to qual@uw.edu. All forms must be approved by academic advisors at the undergraduate level and faculty advisors or committee chairs at the graduate level.

Step 2: The Steering Committee will review and approve all planning forms during the second week of each academic quarter. We will then confirm with students that their form has been approved. Students should then start completing the requirements.

Step 3: Once the student has completed all requirements, the student should complete the checklist form and submit it to qual@uw.edu along with a copy of their unofficial transcripts. The Committee will review the checklist and unofficial transcript before granting the QUAL concentration.

Questions about the forms or processes should be directed to Andrea Sadlier, QUAL Program Manager at qual@uw.edu, Thomson Hall 122.