QUAL Concentration

Concentration Requirements

To attain the QUAL concentration certification, students must complete the following:

  1. Take a minimum of 3 advanced courses at the 500-level in relevant research design and/or methods (minimum of 9 credits) and receive a minimum of 3.5 in each courses. A list of upcoming QUAL courses and previously taught QUAL courses can be found on our website.
    • At least 1 course must be selected from List I
    • Remaining 2 courses can be selected from List 1 or List II
    • If you believe a course you have taken or plan to take should qualify for the QUAL concentration, you can petition the steering committee. Please see the QUAL Concentration Plan worksheet for further details.
  2. Complete 1 Qualitative Data Analysis Training.
  3. Attend a minimum of 5 QUAL Speaker Series talks.