Past QUAL Speaker Series Talks

[POSTPONED] Alexes Harris | A Multi-State Study Using Multi-methods: Making Sense of Justice Sentencing

August 19, 2019

Morhaf Al Achkar| Qualitative Study of Making Meaning and Coping with Incurable Cancer With Reflections by The Researcher as a Physician and A Patient

April 22, 2019

Margaret O’Mara | Talk Cancelled

July 19, 2019

Stephen M. Walt | Why I Use Qualitative Methods

December 9, 2019

Gade | Connection and Resistance, Examining the Impact of Checkpoints on Civilian Support for Militancy

February 27, 2018

Emily Kalah Gade

Holmes-Eber | Not Mutually Exclusive: Combining Quantitative with Qualitative Methods in Ethnographic Research

January 26, 2019