UW-QUAL Program

About QUAL

In 2015, the Qualitative Multi-Method Research Initiative (QUAL) was launched to address the urgent need for cross-disciplinary training of qualitative methodologies within the social sciences.

The first four years saw QUAL expand across nearly every department in the university, create a concentration for graduate students, and convene a lively speaker series drawing on faculty and student specialists.

In 2019, QUAL found its new home at the interdisciplinary Henry M. Jackson School for International Studies. We have since increased the reach of our graduate concentration into the sciences including medicine, nursing and the environment. In the coming years we intend to create a certificate program for students, partner with data science to grow the field of data ethnography, and build out a summer institute for professionals.

What QUAL Does

BUILDS a community of social science graduate students, faculty, and experts in applied qualitative research from the university and beyond. QUAL connects these stakeholders through a Speaker Series aimed at engaging qualitative multi-method researchers and practitioners in conversation.

TRAINS social science graduate students through UW qualitative-related courses and in qualitative software uses through Qualitative Data Analysis Training Workshops. These free hands-on workshops are designed to teach the basics of QDA software.

ADVANCES the qualitative multi-method research skills of graduate students interested in completing the QUAL concentration.