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UW-QUAL is a university-wide program launched in response to pressing demand for qualitative and policy-relevant data analysis in universities, the private sector, and government. Through a variety of programs, UW-QUAL serves as an education and training platform for qualitative researchers in the social sciences, global and regional studies, medicine, health, nursing, technology, and international security.

interviews • focus groups • archival research • digital ethnography • case studies • discourse analysis

UW-QUAL administers two academic opportunities for students seeking more specialized training and formal recognition.

The QUAL Concentration focuses on qualitative research design, methods, and data analysis. It provides methodological training for students and researchers through formal coursework and qualitative data analysis software workshops (ATLAS.ti).

The Technology and International Security Minor undergraduate minor focuses on emerging threats and opportunities at the intersection of technology, security, and policy. It provides methodological and substantive training for students, scientists, lawyers, diplomats, and researchers interested in analyzing and devising situational policy solutions to a wide variety of topics in their historical, cultural, and political contexts.

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