Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. Courses

This is a list of current and projected annual courses at the Jackson School and other departments at UW. The list is updated at the start of each academic quarter by the Ph.D. Program. For more information, please contact us at

Projected Courses 2017-18

In addition to the Jackson School courses listed below, you will find relevant courses in a number of departments and schools such as American Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Communications, Geography, History, Law, Marine and Environmental Affairs, Political Science, Public Health, Sociology, Social Work and others. Contact the JSIS Ph.D. Program GPC for approval to take a class that is not listed in the handbook as a course requirement.  See Time Schedule for a complete list of course offerings.

Autumn 2018

Required courses

JSIS 594 International and Area Studies, Saadia Pekkanen

JSIS 595 Research Tutorial

Elective courses

RELIG 501 Religion Theorized, Christian Novetzke

RELIG 598 Colloquium Comparative Religion

JSIS 501 Comparative International Studies

JSIS 534 Legal Foundations of World Order, Frederick Lorenz

JSIS 541 Religion and Conflict, James Wellman

JSIS 578 Congress and US Foreign Policy

JSIS 584 A Making of Modern Taiwan, James Yushang Lin

JSIS 584 B Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Kenneth Pyle

JSIS 591 Colloquium in International Studies, Deborah Porter

JSIS A 504 Survey of Eurasia, Scott Radnitz

JSIS A 508 Interdisciplinary Study of South Asia, Purnima Dhavan

JSIS A 509  Interdisciplinary Study of South Asia, Christian Novetzke

JSIS A 530 Soviet Empire, Christopher Jones

JSIS A 535 International Relations of Modern China, David Bachman

JSIS A 537 International Relations in Japan, Saadia Pekkanen

JSIS A 544 Reading Seminar on Middle East Studies, Cabeiri D Robinson

JSIS A 555 Introduction to Japanese Studies, Marie Anchordoguy

JSIS A 560 Seminar in Turkish Studies, Resat Kasaba

JSIS A 578 Japanese Business and Technology

JSIS A 584 Survey of Korean Society, Clark Sorensen

JSIS A 586 Indonesian Culture, Laurie Sears

JSIS A 593  Water and Security in the Middle East, Frederick Lorenz

JSIS B 524 International Law and Arms Control, Christopher Jones

JSIS B 526 Political Islam and Islamic Fundamentalism, Cabeiri D Robinson

JSIS B 529 Nuclear Nonproliferation and International Safeguards, Halvor Undem

Autumn 2017

Required courses

JSIS 537 International Relations of Japan Saadia Pekkanen

JSIS 594 International and Area Studies Saadia Pekkanen

JSIS 595 Research Tutorial Nathalie Williams

Elective courses

RELIG 501 Religion Theorized Philip Tite

RELIG 590 Topics in Buddhism Kyoko Tokuno

RELIG 598 Comparative Religion Kyoko Tokuno

JSIS 501 Comparative International Studies Sara Curran

JSIS 534 International Law & Force Frederick Lorenz

JSIS 542 Dimensions of Security Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

JSIS 578 A Late Industrialization and Social Change Yong-Chool Ha

JSIS 578 B U.S. in the World Daniel Bessner

JSIS 584 A Japanese History in Ecological Perspective Mark Metzler

JSIS 584 B Hiroshima and Nagasaki Kenneth Pyle

JSIS B 472 Electoral Systems Robert Pekkanen

JSIS B 524 International Law/Arms Control Christopher Jones

JSIS B 529 International Nuclear Nonproliferation and International Safeguards Halvor Undem

Winter 2018

Required courses

JSIS 595 Research Tutorial Clark Sorenson

JSIS 596 Field Seminar: Religions, Cultures, and Civilizations Vanessa Freije

JSIS 597 Field Seminar: States, Markets, and Societies James Lin

Elective courses

CSDE 501 Population Studies Seminar Series

CSDE 502 Population Studies Proseminar

RELIG 502 Religion in Comparative Perspective Joel Walker

RELIG 555 Seminar: East Asian Religions Kyoko Tokuno

JSIS 512 Qualitative Data Analysis Sara Curran

JSIS 540 Economics and Politics of International Development

JSIS 578 Special Topics: Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy

JSIS 585 Special Topics East Asia Madeleine Yue Dong

JSIS 585 Destination Nepal: Ethnography of Encounters and Cultural Resilience Pasang Sherpa

JSIS A 509 Interdisciplinary Study of South Asia II Cabeiri Robinson

JSIS A 521 Interdisciplinary Study of China I David Bachman

JSIS A 545 Seminar Middle East Studies Cabeiri Robinson

JSIS A 551 International Relations of Northeast Asia

JSIS A 566 Comparative Politics & Korea Studies Yong-Chool Ha

JSIS A 585 Seminar Modern Korea Yong-Chool Ha

JSIS A 589 Special Topics REECAS Bradley Murg

JSIS B TBD Seminar in Political Economy Claire Yang

Spring 2018

Required courses

JSIS 595 Research Tutorial Jeff Begun

JSIS 598 Field Seminar: Peace, Violence, and Security Daniel Bessner

JSIS 599 Field Seminar: Law, Rights, and Governance Stephen Meyers

Elective courses

JSIS 537 Trends in International Migration Kathie Friedman

JSIS 578 Special Topics: Tools to End Conflict & Rebuild

JSIS B 527 Introduction to Weapons of Mass Destruction Halvor Undem

JSIS B 541 Forced Migrations Kathie Friedman

Qualitative Methods Courses

A comprehensive list of qualitative research methods classes offered at UW is on the Qualitative Multi-Method Research Initiative site. Check this site to find a relevant methods class and to learn more about the optional QUAL Concentration track this is available for graduate students.

Quantitative Methods Courses

A list of quantitative research methods classes offered at UW is on the Center for Statistics and Social Sciences site. You can also find quantitative methods classes in other departments.

The Center for Social Science Computation and Research

A list of methods workshops offered through CSSCR is online:

Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology

The CSDE Demographic Methods Graduate Certificate Program is the academic pathway to advanced population research at UW. See the website for course listings and certificate requirements.