Ph.D. Program

Degree Requirements

Along with Graduate School requirements, 100 credits minimum as follows:

  1. Approval of 28 credits transfer corresponding to previous graduate level work; completion of 45 JSIS Ph.D. Program credits including Introduction to International and Area Studies Course, Research Tutorial, two Field Seminars, two Specialization Courses, two Methods Courses; and completion of 27 Dissertation Credits
  2. Submission of Proposed Course of Study Form, Quarterly Progress Review (QPR) reports and meetings with the Director of the Ph.D. Program, and Annual Progress Review (APR) reports to the Ph.D. Program Committee
  3. Satisfactory Performance in the Research Tutorial, including formal capstone presentation
  4. Submission of request for establishing Doctoral Supervisory Committee
  5. Satisfactory performance in the Ph.D. General Examination, consisting of three written examinations (two in Ph.D. Program fields, one in area-based field), and an oral examination
  6. Establishment of official Doctoral Reading Committee
  7. Satisfactory performance in Dissertation Prospectus Defense to Doctoral Reading Committee
  8. Preparation and writing of doctoral dissertation (either three thematically-linked article-length research papers or one multi-chapter book-length monograph) acceptable to Doctoral Reading Committee
  9. Satisfactory performance in a Final Examination, consisting of oral defense of the written dissertation