MA in International Studies

Certificate Programs

JSIS graduate students can enhance their studies through various certificate programs offered through the University of Washington. With the exception of the Trans-Atlantic Studies program, the following certificate programs are open only to graduate students. Some of the courses required for these certificates will satisfy JSIS program requirements as well.


This is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students to contribute to sustainable utilization and enhancement of the natural and human environment. Students complete course work in environmental policy, business tools and techniques, the science of environment, and electives, and work on actual management consulting projects.



This program prepares graduate student for the challenges of working internationally in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters and on poverty alleviation and long-term solutions for communities worldwide.

Evans School Website


This certificate emphasizes the sociopolitical, economic, and geographic factors that have an impact on health in developing counties.

Global Health Website

GLOBAL WACh (Women, Adolescents and Children)

This interdisciplinary Certificate program was created to give a comprehensive overview of the health of women, adolescents, and children, and current issues in global health; and to provide graduates of the program a base of knowledge and broad range of skills to work in fields related to global health or health of women, adolescents and children. Students enrolled in any University of Washington graduate school program are welcome to apply.

For more information about the certificate visit: Global WACh website


The South Asia Graduate Certificate is designed for currently enrolled University of Washington graduate students to acquire in-depth knowledge of South Asia and develop interdisciplinary analytical and academic skills by taking four courses.

South Asia Center Website


This certificate is for students interested in US-European relations, comparative public policy and political culture. Students spend one quarter studying abroad at the University of  Bath (UK) and return to the UW Winter Quarter to complete an American Module consisting of two courses and a “Special Events Series.” This series provides a Northwest view of American politics and US-European relations through visits with officials from various Northwest institutions and organizations. Some extra cost is involved but a few travel grants may be available.

CWES-EUC Website


The certificate is offered through the Program on Values in Society (POV) at the University of Washington. The program is dedicated to research, teaching, and outreach on ethical issues that arise across the disciplines. It is committed to facilitating the multidisciplinary collaboration that is essential to finding practical and insightful responses to today’s myriad moral problems. Members of the core faculty are currently working on a variety of issues, including global climate change; immigration and international justice; justice in health care; and medical practice and disability rights.

Philosophy Website


 This certificate is for graduate students and faculty interested in: public scholarship that engages in cultural practice and inquiry; campus-community partnerships across all sectors of higher education; digital and multimedia publication, exhibitions, performance, and other innovative modes of disseminating scholarship; community-engaged research, teaching, and service; and professional development for careers inside or outside of higher education The Certificate’s unique portfolio- and project-based curriculum enables fellows to integrate their scholarly and social commitments in the context of their intellectual and professional development. An extensive faculty advising network supports project and portfolio development.

Simpson Center Website


The program is designed for graduate students to acquire in-depth knowledge of REECA regions and to develop interdisciplinary analytical and academic skills by taking sixteen student-credit hours at the 500 level or above. Students will work with over 60 faculty members who are nationally recognized leaders in the REECA field. The certificate will be an added qualification for students already pursuing professional, masters, or doctoral degrees.

Ellison Center Website

Several other certificate programs are available through University of Washington Extension at an added cost, such as the Geographic Information Systems Certificate Program. See on the Web for more information about these programs.