Max Lemke

European Union Fellow and Visiting Scholar
Max Lemke



Dr. Max Lemke is a European Union Fellow and Visiting Scholar at Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies of University of Washington in Seattle. In his home organisation, the European Commission, Max is a civil servant and manager in the Directorate General CONNECT. As Head of Unit for “Digitising Industry” for the last 9 years, he had a leading role in developing and coordinating the European Digitising European Industry strategy. Further, Max was involved in developing the European Strategy for Artificial Intelligence and the preparation of the new research and innovation programmes 2021 – 27 (Horizon Europe and Digital Europe). Particular areas of his activity include Industrie 4.0, smart autonomous systems, cloud and edge computing, industrial Public Private Partnerships, investment and innovation programmes for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, digital industrial value chains and sovereignty, and the platform economy. Max has a Doctorate Degree in Mathematics from University of Düsseldorf in Germany. Upon his return in summer 2020, he will take on a new assignment in DG CONNECT as Head of Unit for “Internet of Things”.

Max is well connected and aware of the European Union policies in general and in particular of the plans of the new Commission for Europe to get greener, digitised and more competitive. Max is happy to discuss these EU policies with interested parties.

As a visiting scholar at UW, Max is conducting a study on “The digital industrial ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest and its stimulation through industrial policies and innovation programmes.” Focus is on the transformation of industry across all sectors as caused by the revolution in digital technologies and their new opportunities for value creation. During his stay at UW, Max is keen to meet with representatives of successful companies form start-up to large and from traditional to digital, as well as faculty and managers of investment and innovation programmes and incubators.

In spring quarter 2020, in collaboration with Professor Jane Winn of the UW Law School, Max will give a course at Jackson School of International Studies which will explore the geopolitics of innovation in the U.S., Europe and China by comparing how industrial innovation ecosystems in each are responding to digital transformation. The focal point of the course will be the EU as an economic world region with strong and innovative manufacturing and automotive sectors that is being squeezed between the ambitions of America and China as global digital players.