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Travel, Research, Professional Development Funds Available for JSIS Graduate Students AY 22-23

October 4, 2022

The Jackson School of International Studies will offer travel, research, and/or professional development grants up to $500 funding per student to assist any MA or PhD Student currently enrolled in a JSIS MA or PhD program. Funds are limited and priority will be given to students who apply by October 15th. Funding available once per academic year (9/22-8/23).

Requests for three types of funding will be accepted:

  1. Present an oral presentation or poster at a conference (online or in person)
  2. Attend a recognized career/professional development opportunity
  3. Travel for research directly related to your academic project

We will review the first round of funding on October 15th, 2022.

After October 15th, requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis while funds remain.

Application Instructions

To funding, fill out the following information and submit it via email attachment to the Graduate Programs Advisor, Jesús Hidalgo (

  1. Today’s date:
  2. Name:
  3. JSIS Graduate Program:
  4. Faculty Advisor/Committee Chair:
  5. Amount requested and purpose
  6. Description of how this grant will contribute directly to your academic and/or professional goals
  7. Specific Information required depending on funding purpose
  8. Receipts for the expenses to be reimbursed
  • If you are requesting funds to present at a conference, please include a copy of the confirmation for your conference registration/professional development (if the conference is later in the year, we can grant your request pending acceptance at the conference)
  • If you plan to pursue a career/professional development opportunity, please include course/program description, and explain how this opportunity will benefit your academic and professional goals
  • If you are applying for research, please include a letter from your academic advisor indicating that this research is directly related to your academic work and provide specific information about the research trip and timing.

This funding opportunity is a reimbursement and not a payment in advance. We will reimburse any expenses once we get your receipts and confirmation of participation.