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Scott Radnitz receives European University Institute fellowship abroad for post-Soviet research

April 26, 2022


Scott Radnitz

Scott Radnitz

Scott Radnitz, director of the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, will spend the 2022-2023 academic year at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in Florence, Italy, thanks to receiving a 2022 European University Institute Jean Monnet Fellowship.

Radnitz will be working within the Institute’s theme of “21st Century World Politics and Europe.” His research project, “Information Wars: The Contentious Politics of Foreign Disinformation,” asks how political divisions within the U.S., E.U., and Georgia shape the ways these states respond to Russian disinformation.

The fellowship, which begins September 1, supports research on the major challenges facing Europe and the world. The program also includes collaboration with other academics and participation in other public event programs at the Institute.