Talant Mawkanuli

Teaching Professor
talant mawkanuli


Near Eastern Languages and Civilization; Central Eurasian language, literature, and culture

Talant Mawkanuli is an Associate Teaching Professor  in the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures at the University of Washington, Seattle. His research focuses on Turkic languages and sociolinguistics, Ethnic Identity and Ethnolinguistic Vitality, Language Documentation and Endangered Languages in Central and Inner Asia, and the Anthropology of Islam and Muslims in China.

Talant has served in various academic positions, including as the Associate Director of the CAILS Language Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison prior to coming to the University of Washington as an Associate Faculty member and Lecturer.  He teaches selected courses in Turkic languages (all three levels of Kazak and Uygur, and Advanced Uzbek), Chagatay, Islam and Muslims in China, The Middle East and Central Asia, Peoples and Cultures of Central and Inner Asia, Introduction to Shamanism, and Special Studies in Turkic Languages.

His most recent publications include a forthcoming book, Voices of the Kazak Steppe: A Linguistic and Historical Study of 18th Century Kazak Diplomatic Correspondence, coauthored with Eric Johnson (contracted with Brill Press), and a forthcoming scholarly article, “Jungar Tuvan Revitalization and Text Corpus Building,” in the Proceedings of the International Workshop on Tuvan Studies; Ankara: Hacettepe University.


  • Indiana University, 1999, Ph.D.