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Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Privatization, Governance, and Resilience

Sarah Tobin

April 14, 2017

Sarah A. Tobin, Associate Director, Middle East Studies, Brown University, is an economic anthropologist with expertise in Islam and gender in the Middle East.

On Friday, April 14, Associate Director of Middle East Studies at Brown University, Sarah A. Tobin, delivered a talk at the Jackson School of International Studies on the topic of “Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Privatization, Governance, and Resilience.”

According to Tobin, “Resilience” has become a key term in refugee management often invoked by the UN, NGOs, and governments alike. The presentation examined the ways that market-forward strategies of privatization elide with aims of refugee resilience through the case of Syrian refugees in Jordan. This has resulted in new understandings of “good governance” by the Jordanian state, with important implications for refugee management into the future.

This talk was sponsored by the Middle East Center at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington.