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Fundamentals of Global Cybersecurity | New Spring 2019 Course

January 31, 2019

JSIS 478 E / 578 E | SLN 15570

T/Th 2:30-420, THO 335

Instructor: JESSICA L. BEYER , Lecturer, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies,

This course addresses the impact of nation-state cybersecurity strategy on global security. Nation-states make strategic cybersecurity decisions about whether to create cyber-weaponry, develop hacking forces, encourage patriotic hackers, shelter cyber-criminals, or even invest in technology education. Likewise, at the international level, geopolitical fissures continue to frustrate efforts to create international agreements around cyberattack and cyberwar. The course will focus on specific world regions including East Asia, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, and Europe.

This course is funded by the following Jackson School of International Studies US Department of Education National Resource Centers: East Asia Center, Center for Global Studies, Middle East Center, South Asia Center, and Southeast Asia Center.