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2018 Graduate Student Conference in Middle East Studies

June 18, 2018

Graduate students in the Middle East Studies Program, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies; the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization; and the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Near and Middle Eastern Studies presented their research in a year-end conference organized by Middle East Studies M.A. candidate Pablo Tutillo. Presenters were: Michael DeGerald, “Shifting Connotations of Turath in Ba’thist Iraq, 1968-91”; Sam Gordon, “Blossoming of Relations? Israel, Africa, and Asia;” Sean Namei, “Ideology and Interpretation: on the Definition of ‘H.Q.Q.’ in ‘Ali Shari’ati’s Exegesis of Surah Ar-Rum;” and Nick Polizzi, “Changing Rules, Growing Casualties: Mitigating the Effects of Reduced Oversight in U.S. and Coalition Strikes in Iraq and Syria.