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LACS Degree Requirements

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Major

(for majors declaring Autumn Quarter 2005 and after)

A major in Latin American and Caribbean Studies shall consist of appropriate language training and not less than 52 credits, as follows:

  • Training in two foreign languages of Latin America, to include the sixth quarter (or equivalent) of one language chosen from Spanish, Portuguese, or French, and the third quarter (or equivalent) of a second of these languages.
  • JSIS 201 Making of the 21st Century (5 credits)
  • Latin American and Caribbean History (10 credits): Courses selected from an approved list.
  • Contemporary Latin America and Caribbean (15 credits): Courses drawn from a range of disciplines including anthropology, comparative literature, geography, international studies, and Spanish.
  • Electives (15 credits): Courses on Latin America and international studies selected from an approved list.
  • Interdisciplinary seminar (5 credits): JSIS A 486, 492, or another course chosen from an approved list of research seminars.
  • JSIS 493 Senior Paper/Project (2 credits): Majors will satisfy the senior paper/project requirement by writing an analytical or research paper in conjunction with one of the interdisciplinary seminars. This paper is considered the capstone of the student's academic experience in the Latin American Studies major. In the quarter in which the senior paper is written, majors register for JSIS 493 an independent study course (Senior Research).

The list of approved courses is frequently updated and is available through the following link:

Overlapping credits with other majors: A maximum of 15 credits that are used to fulfill minimum requirements of any other UW major can be counted in this major.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Admissions

Any undergraduate admitted for study as a matriculated student in the College of Arts and Sciences may declare Latin American and Caribbean Studies as a major or minor and work toward the B.A. degree.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor Requirements

30 credits as follows, plus foreign language:

  • One year of Spanish or Portuguese, or equivalent proficiency
  • At least 5 credits in History chosen from an approved list*
  • At least 15 credits chosen from an approved list of courses on Contemporary Latin America*
  • At least 10 additional credits chosen from the History or Contemporary Latin America lists, or from an approved list of electives.*
  • At least 20 of the 30 credits must be completed at the University of Washington (UW Foreign Study programs included).

Minimum grade of 2.0 required in each course applied toward the minor.
*List of approved courses for the minor

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