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DIVERCITY Partner Universities

Four universities make up the consortium of universities in the DIVERCITY program:

Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA, Federal University of Bahia)


The Universidade Federal da Bahia was the first university in Brazil, with its School of Surgery founded by Portuguese then Prince João VI in 1808 in the city of Salvador, Bahia. The University was later officially instituted in 1946. Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia, located on the Atlantic Ocean in northeastern Brazil, with a population of over 2.5 million in 2009. Bahia is a center for Afro-Brazilian culture, possesses a diverse ecology, between high plains deserts and beaches.

Partner Department: Faculdade de Arquitetura (School of Architecture)

Contact-Brazil Lead: Professor Ana Fernandes, Departmento da Teoria e da Prática do Planejamento (Department of Planning Theory and Practice). Another contact at UFBA is Professor Ana Carolina Bierrenbach.

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)


The Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro was created in September of 1920, years after the establishment of the School of Surgery and School of Engineering in 1808 and 1810. The city of Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the state of the same name, serving as the "postcard city" for the entire country, with its famous landmarks such as the Corcovado (place of Christ the Redeemer statue), Maracanã stadium, Sugarloaf cable car, in addition to the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches. It is one of the main cities in Brazil with over 6 million inhabitants.

Partner Department: Urban and Regional Planning (Planejamento Urbano e Regional)

Contact: Professor Carlos Vainer, Instituto de Pesquisa e Planejamento Urbano e Regional (Institute of Research, Urban and Regional Planning). Another contact at UFRJ is Professor Pedro Novais.

University of Washington, Seattle (UW, Universidade de Washington)


The University of Washington in Seattle was established in 1861, while Washington State was still a United States territory. The student population now measures of over 40,000, distributed amongst 140 different departments. Adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and near the US-Canada border, Seattle is the largest city in the state, with over 600,000 inhabitants. The city is renowned for its software and biotech industries, nature, pursuit of "green" planning, coffee, and music.

Partner Departments: International Studies, Urban Design and Planning (Estudos Internacionais, Design e Planejamento Urbano)

Contacts - US Lead: Professor Jonathan Warren, Henry M Jackson School of International Studies (Escola de Estudos Internacionais Henry M Jackson); Professor Fritz Wagner, Urban Design and Planning

Florida International University, Miami (FIU, Universidade Internacional da Flórida)


Florida International University was established in 1965, in Miami, Florida. Its student population is slightly greater than 44,000, registered amongst 191 different programs of study. Miami, the 42nd largest city in the United States with its nearly 400,000 inhabitants, is located on the southeastern edge of the state of Florida, on the North Atlantic Ocean. The city is known for its beaches, finance industry and tourism.

Partner Department: Social Work (Serviço Social)

Contact: Professor Richard Beaulaurier, School of Social Work, Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work

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