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Featuring Ph.D. candidate, Amy Reed-Sandoval and her project: Oaxaca Philosophy for Children Initiative

The Oaxaca Philosophy for Children Initiative was founded in 2011 by Amy Reed-Sandoval, Ph.D Candidate at the University of Washington. The program is devoted to facilitating and promoting collaborative philosophical dialogue at the K-12 and university levels in Oaxaca, Mexico, with an emphasis on serving children and youth in the Oaxacan public school system. Our free philosophy classes inspire children and youth to explore questions in almost all areas of philosophy. We also regularly hold mini-workshops in human rights, identity, public speaking and debate.

Desde 2011, Filosofía para Niños y Jóvenes, Oaxaca, se ha dedicado a facilitar y promocionar un diálogo colaborativo entre estudiantes de educación primaria y estudiantes universitarios en Oaxaca, México, poniendo especial atención a proporcionar apoyo a niños y jóvenes de escuelas públicas Oaxaqueñas. Nuestras clases gratuitas tratan de inspirar a niños y jóvenes a explorar casi todas las áreas de la filosofía. Entre nuestras actividades, nosotros sostenemos mini-talleres sobre temas como los derechos humanos, la identidad, hablar en público y participar en debates.

About Amy: I am a graduate student in Philosophy at the University of Washington, Seattle. My primary research interests are in political philosophy, feminist philosophy and Latin American philosophy. Currently I am working on a political philosophy dissertation on the subject of immigrant exploitation and social justice. I also teach philosophy for children courses in Oaxaca, Mexico and Seattle, Washington in collaboration with the Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children and Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots. I hold an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics, a BA in Philosophy from Temple University, and as an undergraduate I also studied at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. Contact me at

Recent Dissertations Defended 

Mario A. Ceron Valdes, Anthropology, Disseration: "Neo-Colonial Epidemiology: Public health practice and the right to health in Guatemala"

Raj Chetty
, English, Dissertation: "Race Fundamentalism: Caribbean Theater and the Challenge to Black Diaspora"

Marisa Elena Duarte, iSchool, Dissertation: "Mary Gates Network Sovereignty: Investigating the Implications of Tribally Owned Internet Infrastructures"  

Amal Eqeiq, Comparative Literature, Dissertation: "Writing the Indigenous: Contemporary Mayan Literature in Chiapas, Mexico and Palestinian Literature in Israel"

Damarys Espinoza, Anthropology, Dissertation: "Si Me Quieres, No Me Pegues (If You Love Me, Don't Hit Me): Intimate Partner Volence and Indigenous Women's Agency in Peru"

Henry F. Lyle III, Anthropology, Dissertation: "Collective action, reputation, and social support networks in the Andes of southern Peru"

Marcela García-Castanñon, Dissertation: "Theory of Multi-Tiered Membership"

Martha Gonzalez, Women Studies, Dissertation: "Imaginaries: Chican@ Artivistas, East Los Angeles Trenches, Transborder Tactics"
Delphine Gras, Comparative Literature, Dissertation: "The New Negro Flow and the Black Atlantic: Musical Discourse of the Literary Griots of the Americas"

Christina Marguerite Giovas, Anthropology, Dissertation: "Foraging Variability in the Prehistoric Caribbean: Multiple Foraging Optima, Resource Use, and Anthropogenic Impacts on Carriacou, Grenada" 

Simon Trujillo, English, Dissertation: "Forgotten Pueblos: La Alianza Federal de Mercedes and the Cultural Politics of Indo-Hispano"

Current Graduate Students

David Aarons, M.A. student, Ethnomusicology 
Music in the Caribbean and issues surrounding enculturation, identity and community. 

Michael D. Aguirre, Ph.D. student, History
Intellectual history and identity formation, 20th century US, 20th century Mexico, borderlands 

Claire Anderson, M.A. student     

William Arighi, 
Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature 
Theories of the literary in the 19th-century Philippines, and the Hispanophone and Francophone Caribbean.

Luis Fernando Baron, Ph.D. student, iSchool
Memories, public opinion and audiences studies on violence and peace processes in Colombia, uses of media for social change, immigration and information, and alternative processes of organization for development. 

Allen Baros, 
Ph.D. student, English  
Queer and Chicano identity, politics in literature and culture

Avram Blum
, Ph.D. student, English
Critical Theory, English, discourse analysis, and multilingual language teacher identity formation and practice

Michelle Boss Barba, Ph.D. student, Ethnomusicology 

Rob Carroll, Ph.D. student

Alejandro Ceron Valdez, Ph.D. student, Anthropology 

Benjamin Chabot-Hanowell, Ph.D. student, Anthropology
Evolutionary anthropology; cooperation & conflict; migration & remittances; human-environment interaction; quantitative & computational methods; Lesser Antilles & NE Thailand

Elizabeth A. Clark, M.A. student, Global Health 

Amanda Clayton, Ph.D. student, Political Science 
Impacts of gender quotas, and the substantive and symbolic effects of quota adoption in southern and eastern African states 

Anna Cohen, Ph.D. student, Anthropology 
Political economy, ceramic analysis, urban architecture, politics and ethics of archaeology and the sciences, history of archaeology and science; Mexico

Elizabeth Cortez, Communications 
Cultural studies. Visual representations of race, gender and sexuality in new media. In particular, the ways in which the Internet provides possibilities for resistance, but not without significant barriers. Analyzes online spaces Latinas inhabit, and the ways in which Google search results disrupt or maintain dominant representations of latinidad

Monica De La Torre
, Ph.D. student, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies 
The development of racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities and the expression of these identities through cultural productions.

Andrea Delgado, Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature 

Juan Pablo DiCesare
, Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature 

Gibran Escalera, Ph.D. student, English 

Monica Farias
, Ph.D. student, Geography
Class formation, urban inequalities, and everyday cultural practices in Argentina

Amanda M. Fulmer
, Ph.D. student, Political Science 
Latin America; extractive industries; human rights; legal mobilization; development

Segio García-Rios, Ph.D. student, Political Science
The formation and transformation of Latino identities, the political implications of these transformations, border issues and border research, and the politics of Mexico

Jason Gilmore, Ph.D. stduent, Communications
Political communication across cultures

Christina Giovas, Ph.D. student, Anthropology

Anne Greenleaf
, Ph.D. student, Political Science
Labor rights, law and society, China studies, comparative politics, Central America

Tara Hayes Constant
, Ph.D. student, Biocultural Anthropology
Biological and cultural determinants of breast cancer morbidity and mortality; community-based approaches to early detection and screening in low-resource settings; applied anthropology; mixed methods approaches; epidemiology; demography

Maren Haynes, Ph.D. student, Ethnomusicology 

Melanie Hernandez
, Ph.D. student, English 
Studies approach to the “passing” genre in African American and Chicano literary historiographies, with a particular focus on narratives about miscegenation and racial hybridity.

Jack Johnson
, Ph.D. student, Anthropology 
Archaeology, Garbology Project on the UW campus 

Norma Kaminsky
, Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature 
South American anti-dictatorship and repression narratives, Southern Cone

Patricia Lopez, Ph.D. student, Geography
Health enclaves, health citizenship, Haiti, post-disaster rebuilding, IDPs, geopolitical processes of aid and development

Jessica Lozano
, Ph.D. student, Sociocultural Anthropology 
Transnational communities and families, globalization, HIV/AIDS, transnational queer communities, cultural citizenship, alter/native anthropology, Mexico, Honduras, and the United States

Shane McCoy, Ph.D. student, English 

Tamia Melo
, Ph.D. student, Political Science
Brazil and Argentina.  Social movements particularly the Labor movement

C.T. Mexica
, Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature 
20th Century, Film/Cinema, Global and Transnational Studies, Latin American and Latino/a Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Spanish , Chicana/o Studies, Indigeneity and Nationalisms, Studies of Violence, Border Studies in Literature/Film/Arts

Jim Morford, Ph.D. student, Ethnomusicology
Music in West Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States

Ursula Mosqueira, Ph.D. student, Sociology
Collective memory and human rights in Chile and Latin America, sociological theory, cultural approaches to sociology, stratification, immigration and human rights 

Tavid Mulder
, Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature 
20th century literary, cultural and political phenomena in the Southern Cone region, post-dictatorship in Argentina 

Jennifer Noveck, Ph.D. student, Political Science
State capacity and labor rights in developing countries 

Britta Padgham
, M.A. student, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
Ecosystem-based management, climate change adaption, TEK, and water resources

Cameron Quevedo, M.A. student, Communications and American Indian Studies
The ways in which social media technologies and Mexican traditional musics (son jarocho and mariachi, specifically) function as sites of cultural resistance to the rhetorics of colonization and imperialism

Vanessa Quince, Ph.D. student, Political Science

Maria Quintana, Ph.D. student, History
Comparative colonialisms and twentieth-century U.S. history, ethical implications of U.S. national sourcing of labor or “guestworkers” from countries in the Global South for employment in low-wage unskilled farm labor in the U.S., and the production of cultural meanings regarding Mexican and Caribbean contract farm labor during WWII

Magie Ramirez, Ph.D. student, Geography
The socioeconomic inequalities between activists and community members and how these inequalities influence the ability to improve food accessibility in inner-city neighborhoods

Elizabeth Ramirez Arreaola, Ph.D. student, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies

Jay Raneweera, M.A. student, Architectural Studies 

Michael Reagan, Ph.D. student, History 
Business and labor history in the U.S., and re-development of modern capitalism

Amy Reed-Sandoval
, Ph.D. student, Philosophy
Political philosophy, exploitation and undocumented migration, Oaxacan migrants working in the Pacific NW

Maria Y. Rodriguez, M.S.W., Ph.D. student, School of Social Work
Contemporary social movements, anti-authoritarian movements established and sustained by people of color, community organizing and non-violent direct action, experiential education and community development, community organizing as a social work practice, and non-profit organizational development

Luis Enrique Santana
, Ph.D. student, Communication 
Collective action online, psychological and cultural factors that explain online organization,  the social impacts of ICT access for communities, and inter-organizational partnerships and international networks of NGOs

Leyla Savloff
, Ph.D. student, Sociocultural Anthropology
Subjectivities, governmentality, politics of representation, recognition and redistribution. Integration processes for formerly incarcerated individuals. Feminist theories, gender and motherhood. Expressions of neoliberalism in postcolonial societies. Violence embedded in the everyday. Visual Anthropology, urban ethnographies. The U.S., Latin America, and Argentina

Jason Scullion, Ph.D. student, Ecosystem Conservation and Management 
Field research concentrating public policy, land change science, and ecosystem conservation and management; particularly focused on the Gulf of California, and the forests of Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, and the Peruvian Amazon 

Renee A. Shank, College of Education 

Maura Shelton, Ph.D. Student, School of Forest Resources
Land-use changes in Southwestern Guatemala: Assessment of their effects and sustainability

Samantha Simon, Ph.D. student, English 
Slavery, decolonization, and the African diaspora

Rodrigo Solinis Casparius
, Ph.D. student, Archeology
Public and community archaeology; urbanism and social landscapes; power and negotiation; material culture; conservation; ethics of archaeological practice; Mesoamerica; Western Mexico 

Lisa Sturdivant
, M.A. student, Urban Design and Planning 
Urban Design, Development Studies, GIS

Mazhora Thami, M.A. student 

Jodi Thompson, Ph.D. student 

Nicole Torres
, Ph.D. studnet, Sociocultural Anthropology
Medical anthropology, conflict theory, psychoanalysis, prisons, militarization, crime, institutions, borderlands and ecology

Carolina Toscano
, Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature 
Influence of Spanish explorations in the New World on English literature of the Early Modern Period, Spain, England, Colonial Latin America

Patric Underwood, Ph.D. student 

Miriam G. Valdovinos
, Ph.D. student, School of Social Work
Violence against immigrant women, undocumented women living in the US who have experienced dating violence or intimate partner violence

Yolanda Valencia, M.A. student, Geography
Social injustice, Latin America Immigration, and Poverty

Matthew Wagner, M.L.A. student 

Natalie White, M.A. student, Geography
Return migration, labor migration, Guatemala to US

Christine Woodward, M.A. student 

Steven Zech
, Ph.D. student, Political Science 
Dissertation topic: violence during internal armed conflict. Steve focuses on evangelical Christian groups in Ayacucho, Peru. He looks at how narratives influenced participation in civilian defense forces for religious actors.


Issac Efrain Alva-Lopez, M.D., M.P.H. 
Public health, health in the Amazon, Peruvian underdeserved populations

Dena Aufseeser, Ph.D., Geography 
International development, poverty, education, child labor, children's rights, child migration, urbanization

Julianne Baroody, M.S., School of Environmental and Forest Sciences 
Community-managed tropical forests, climate change and forest carbon conservation activities (tentative - Chiapas, Mexico)

Elizabeth Bieri, M.A., Cultural Communication
Cultural and international communication 

Juan Calvijo, M.A. in Public Administration, Evans School of Public Affairs
Development, education and indigenous rights in South America
Kim Carter Muñoz, Ph.C., Ethnomusicology
Huastecan Nahua and mestizo identity in Mexico

Javier Crespan Hidalgo, Ph.D., Political Science 

The ethical and public policy questions related to Mexican immigration in the United States, the morality of the market, and democratic theory

Yuliza E Curvelo Vidal
, M.A., School of Marine and Environmental Affairs 
Marine tourism with the indigenous communities in Colombia
Benjamin Gonzalez, Ph.D., Political Science
American, Racial & Ethnic Politics, Methodology

Nathaniel Greenberg, Ph.D., Comparative Literature 
The relationship between socio-political transformation and aesthetic innovation in the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America

Amanda Jasso, M.L.I.S., Information School, Library and Information Science 
Legal libraries in immigration detention centers drawing from the perspectives of Chicana feminism and borderland theory; Lipan Apache knowledge systems in the Rio Grande Valley region of Texas

Kirsten Millares Young, M.F.A., English
Prose writer and investigative journalist, studied History and Literature of Latin America with a focus on Cuba, writing a novel based on the Olympic Peninsula

Adrian Sinkler, Ph.D., Political Science 
Comparative politics (comparative political economy); Political theory; Latin American Studies 

Francisco Orozco, Ph.D., Ethnomusicology   Chololoche Grooves: Crossroads and Mestizaje in Chicano Soul of San Antonio

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