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Areas of Interest: South Korean politics, Inter-Korea relations, US-Korea relations, politics of colonial Korea (1905-1945)

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Wonmo Dong
"The Two Koreas and the United States: Issues of Peace, Security, and Economic Cooperation"
(East Gate Book, 2000)


Wonmo Dong, edited with contribution of a chapter
"Korean-American Relations at the Crossroads"
(Princeton Junction, 1982)
Wonmo Dong, edited with Harold Sunwoo
"Whither Korea?"
(Dallas: Association of Korean Christian Scholars in the United States, 1975)

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Affiliated Researcher

Korea Foundation Professor of Korea Social Science, Jackson School of International Studies

Areas of Interest: Asian Politics (with emphasis on Korea and Japan), Comparative Politics, Soviet and Russian Politics

Russia’s Choice at the Crossroads, coauthored and principal writer, (Seoul National University Press, 2006).

“From Neotraditionalism to Neofamilism: Responses to National Dependency in Newly Industrialized Countries,” in Tismaneanu, Howard and Sil (eds.), World Order After Leninism (University of Washington Press, 2006), pp. 172-188.

“Late Industrialization and Soviet Bureaucracy: The Case of Voronezh Region(in Korean),” coauthored with Iksung Kyun, Russian Studies, vol. 14, no. 1, 2004.

“The Dynamic of Russian-South Korean Relations and Implications for the Russian Far East,” in Judith Thornton & Charles E. Ziegler, eds., Russia's Far East: a Region at Risk (Washington, D.C.: The National Bureau of Asian Research, 2002).

Journey to Siberia, Edited (Seoul: Dong-A-Ilbo-Sa, 2001).

"How to Engage Russia in Building the Peace and Security System in the Northeast Asia: A Korean Perspective," in Watanabe Koji, ed., Engaging Russia in Asia Pacific (Tokyo: Japan Center for Internatioanl Exchange, 1999). 

Assistant Professor, School of Law

Areas of Interest: Contract law and theory, international business transactions, Korean law, comparative law, and moral and legal philosophy

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Senior Lecturer, Department of Asian Languages and Literature

Areas of Interest: Korean language and linguistics

Soohee Kim
"You Speak Korean! Textbook 1, 2, 3, Intermediate Korean"
(Seattle: Paradigm Busters, 1997)


Soohee Kim
"You Speak Korean! Workbook 1, 2, 3, Intermediate Korean"
(Seattle: Paradigm Busters, 1997)


Soohee Kim, Emily Curtis
Phonetic Duration of English /s/ and its borrowing in Korean.
"Japanese/Korean Linguistics 10"

Noriko M. Akatsuka and Susan Strauss
(Center for the Study of Language and Inf, 2001)


Soohee Kim
What looks like a CV must be a CV.
"Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Korean Linguistics"
B-S. Park and H-S. Yoon (1998)


Soohee Kim
Emergence of the unmarked in Korean reduplication.
"Conference Proceedings of Chicago Linguistics Society"
(University of Chicago, 1996)


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Assistant Professor of Korean History and incumbant of James B. Palais Endowed Professorship, Jackson School of International Studies and Department of History

Areas of Interest: South Korean Development and workers rights in the Park Chung Hee regime (1961-79) focusing on status issues and gender dynamics

Associate Professor, Chair, Korea Studies Program, Jackson School of International Studies

Areas of Interest: Modern Korean society; social change in modern East Asia; national identity formation

Clark Sorensen
"Over the Mountains are Mountains: Korean Peasant Households and Their Adaptations to Rapid Industrialization"
(University of Washington Press, 1988)



Clark Sorensen
Seven papers solicited and edited and/or translated for this issue.
Journal of Ritual Studies.
  "Ritual and Modernization in Contemporary Korea."

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Library Staff
Korean Studies Librarian

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Korean Cataloger


Asian Studies Program Coordinator, Korea Studies Program

Assistant Director, Center for Korea Studies

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Managing Editor, Journal of Korean Studies

History of the Korea Studies Program at the University of Washington


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