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Related Programs of Study

In addition to JSIS Japan Studies there are many units across the university that offer degrees related to Japan and Japanese language. Follow the links below to information on affiliated programs at the UW.

Asian Languages and Literature

The Department of Asian Languages and Literature offers instruction in the principal languages and literature of Asia, including East, Southeast, Central, and South Asia. Emphasis is placed on the roles of these languages within the cultures they serve as well as on linguistic, textual, and literary analysis. For Japanese, the department offers BA, MA, and PhD programs. Download FACT SHEET

Asian Law Center, School of Law

The Asian Law Center encompasses both a major research program that includes the sponsorship of a variety of symposia, workshops, and cooperative research projects involving scholars around the globe and an extensive instructional program for J.D., LL.M., and Ph.D. candidates. 

International Studies in Business, Foster School of Business

The Certificate for International Studies in Business (CISB), created in 1992 by the Center for International Business Education and Research, is an exciting academic program to develop strong business skills and to achieve a global vision. The Japan track in this program allows students to focus on business in/with Japan.

In conjunction with the Masters of International Studies (Japan) graduate degree program, the Michael G. Foster School of Business offers a concurrent degree. The program combines the curricula of the Foster School MBA with the JSIS Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS). The MBA/MAIS program is designed to be completed in three academic years. During the first year, students complete the MBA Core requirements. Years 2 and 3 are used for completion of MAIS required courses and eight 4-credit MBA elective courses (32 credits).

The Foster School also offers a Certificate for International Studies in Business - Japan track. For more information visit the Center for Global Business.

Concurrent Degree in Public Administration, Evans School of Public Affairs

The Evans School has established concurrent degree program with JSIS, allowing students to earn two degrees simultaneously. The program combines the curricula of the Evans School MPA with the JSIS Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS). The two degrees take approximately three years to complete, and final project requirements of both programs have to be met. Each program has unique benefits that offer you a chance to build an area of strong expertise with a solid foundation of public affairs. You can wait to apply for a concurrent program up to one year of study with the Evans School, but we suggest enrolling in both programs at the same time for optimal flexibility in earning your degrees.

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