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Best Practices for On-line Classrooms

Aerial view of the UW quadrangle in autumn.

July 31, 2020

We all have had a learning curve adjusting to interaction on-line. For the classroom learning situation, we have a few tips for students, instructors, and everyone else in a on-line group environment.  Here are some best practices to make your time on-line productive and positive.

Remember that you are in a classroom, and group ground rules apply.

Be present. Clear your space to help yourself focus on the conversation and lecture at hand. Distractions are even more present with an on-line classroom, so make a space for yourself that is comfortable, clear of distractions, and helps you to be present physically and mentally. This is your classroom, and your learning.

Mute your mic unless speaking. This helps reduce background noises and helps others hear more effectively.

Use your camera (video) whenever possible so that others feel that you are present, and to help yourself stay engaged. Also, this helps instructors see facial cues and adjust the presentation and solicit feedback. (Feel free to use appropriate virtual backgrounds.)

Give feedback. If you need help, or have suggestions for making the classroom or meeting space more effective, reach out to your instructor or moderator. They want to hear from you.

Let’s do this together!  GO DAWGS!

Husky puppy wearing headphones. Getting ready for on-line learning.

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