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Japan Community Listserv

The Japan Community Listserv is an electronic forum for people who would like information about Japan and Japanese related events at the University of Washington, and around the Puget Sound region. Subscribers come from various organizations and backgrounds (academia, businesses, public schools, non-profit organizations) and have an interest in Japan. You may subscribe by clicking HERE. (Note: You do not need a UW NetID/email address to subscribe to our list.)

UW Japan Student Listserv

The UW Japan undergraduate and graduate listserv options are for students who would like announcements about Japan related events and also information regarding Japan related scholarships, internships, conferences, and job opportunities.

If you are a student currently enrolled in a Japan or Japanese studies focused program at the University of Washington, and wish to be added to our student listserv, please contact our office at

Japan Studies Program
University of Washington
Box 353650, Thomson Hall 425
Seattle, WA 98195-3650

Ken Tadashi Oshima
Program Chair

Ellen Eskenazi
Outreach and Program Development

Martha Walsh
Senior Program Associate

Robert Pekkanen
Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator