Jackson School On-boarding Manual

1.9 Printing & Copying


The following steps describe how to print or copy documents in the JSIS 4 th floor Mail Room and Copy Room (Thomson 411 and 411B) as well as place orders at the UW Copy Center located in the basement of the Communications Building.



All staff and faculty may print to the high volume laser printers located in the 4th floor Mail Room (Thomson 411).

  • To add a printer on your computer, use the following steps: Start Menu / Computer / Network / Add a printer / Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer

4 th Floor Copy Room (Color and Black & White)

The small copier in the 4 th floor Copy Room (THO411 Color on PRINTER) can be used for both color and black & white printing (located in Thomson 411B).

  • Send your document to that printer. Then login to the laptop next to the small copier in the 4 th floor Copy Room with your UW NetID. Find your print job in the queue and release it. Your copies will be printed on the small copier next to the laptop.


Smaller Jobs – Copiers in the 4th floor Copy Room

  • On your first day, you receive a code that is linked to your budget number that you will need to enter when completing small copy jobs.

Larger Jobs – Copy Center

Attach the documents you’d like copied to an email and send to the Copy Center: b042cmu@uw.edu, indicating the following:

  • How many copies of the document you would like. In the case of multiple documents in the same order, make sure that titles of the documents are clear and distinguishable, and indicate how many you would like of each document.
  • The size of desired copies, single-sided or double-sided, color or black-and-white.
  • The budget number, and a name for the order to be placed under (e.g. Lauren Moses).

Pick up copies in the Copy Center, located in the basement of the Communications Building, which can be accessed through the basement of Thomson Hall. You will not need to pay for the documents, as you have already paid by budget number. Scanning All staff and faculty are able to scan documents for free in the 4th floor Copy Room.