Jackson School On-boarding Manual

1.7 Recurring Meetings and Social Gatherings


There are a variety of meetings and social gatherings that occur at the Jackson School throughout the year. Information for each meeting and/or event will be distributed as the date gets closer via listservs (see Onboarding Manual 1.5 Distribution Lists).


  • Staff meetings with the JSIS Director occur monthly from September through June. The date and time vary from month-to-month to try to accommodate the variety of work schedules held by our staff. The schedule for the academic year will be sent by email to all staff in early September each year. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss general JSIS business to ensure that everyone is informed about current events at JSIS, as well as to highlight the Director’s initiatives, and the excellent work being done by our staff and centers.
  • Quarterly All-Staff-and-Faculty meetings are held by the JSIS Director during the academic year, with date, time and location TBA. The purpose of these meetings is a general “State of the Union” update, to ensure that all employees are aware of significant issues that the University, the College of Arts and Sciences, and/or JSIS may be dealing with, as well as to highlight the achievements and milestones of our staff and faculty. The schedule for these meetings will be sent by email to all staff.
  • If you work in one of the JSIS regional or thematic centers/programs and your job involves outreach, there are monthly outreach coordinator meetings that occur during the academic year. A retreat planned by and for this group is usually held in June each year. The specific meeting schedule is determined and disseminated by a volunteer member of the collective outreach group. This group meets to discuss and plan outreach initiatives that involve more than one center/program in JSIS; and for JSIS U.S. Department of Education, Title VI Centers to coordinate required U.S. Department of Education (USED) reporting and ensure that long-term collective goals are met.

Social Gatherings

There are a few annual social gatherings that the JSIS Director hosts for all staff and faculty members to enjoy. These events are coordinated by the Business Office and include:

  • Welcome Reception – occurs in October and is held in Thomson 317.
  • Holiday Party – occurs in December and is held in Thomson 317.
  • End of the Year Reception – occurs in May or June, with specific date/time/location TBA.

The Business Office and other JSIS centers/programs hold ad hoc gatherings throughout the year. You will receive notification of these events from the group in charge of the event (usually via listserv or flyer).