Jackson School On-boarding Manual

1.5 Distribution Lists


When hired to the Jackson School, your email address is added to the listservs that are relevant to your position. However, it’s recommended that you check with the JSIS Business Office Coordinator (Kevin Swantek) to ensure that you have been added to all of the appropriate listservs.

Listservs should only be used for UW and JSIS work-related purposes.

Common Jackson School Listservs

  • All staff should be on the JSIS-staff@uw.edu listserv.
  • If your job involves outreach, you should be on the JSIS-OC@uw.edu listserv.
  • If your payroll title is Assistant or Associate Director and you are employed in one of the JSIS regional or thematic centers/programs, then you should be on the JSIS-AD@uw.edu listserv.
  • The JSIS-ppl@uw.edu listserv is a platform for JSIS employees to utilize for more recreational notices. All JSIS staff and faculty are included on this listserv, but you may choose to opt out by contacting the Business Office Coordinator, Kevin Swantek