Jackson School On-boarding Manual

1.11 Websites


JSIS Business Office Website

To access the Business Office website, go here: https://jsis.washington.edu/business/. This website houses JSIS conference room reservation calendars, the reservation calendar for the JSIS Financial Administrator (Dvorah Oppenheimer), as well as a variety of forms needed for certain procedures and requests.

Jackson School Main Website

The Jackson School website (https://jsis.washington.edu/) is a resource for anyone to find out more about the undergraduate and graduate programs, the 14 Outreach Centers, the Academic Services that are provided to all JSIS students, and current news and events. Centers cannot post directly to the JSIS homepage, however you are able to email Monique Thormann at thormm@uw.edu with links to stories that you would like to have added.

Center Websites

Each center has its own website that is maintained by the staff of the individual center. Edits can be made through WordPress. WordPress usernames and passwords are the same as those used to login to your computer.

Jeremy Pritchard, Jackson School Web Designer, can assist you with using WordPress, and be a resource for any questions related to the Jackson school or center websites.

For a complete list of all the Center’s websites go here: https://jsis.washington.edu/research/.