Solutions to Common Computer Problems

When I log in, I don’t see my proper desktop and Outlook Express isn’t working – The most common reason is that the computer has lost connection to the server.  Start by trying to reboot the computer.  If that doesn’t work, contact the support staff.

My printer isn’t printing – There are a number of possible problems.  First check to make sure the printer is turned on, that the status lights are all ‘green’, and that it has enough paper.  Second make sure you are not printing to the wrong sized paper.  Most of our printer print to Letter.  If the document is something else (say A4) then it may cause the printer to wait.  Third, take a look at the print que (Start Menu–>Printers and Faxes–>[your printer] to see if another print job is still waiting and has blocked your current print job.  Forth, make sure you are printing to the correct printer.  Sometimes the default printer isn’t set correctly.  If you print by going to File-Print you will be given an opportunity to change the printer.  Finally, you can try restarting the printer by powering it off and on again.

I cannot read my email – Email problems can be difficult to diagnose.  You will likely need to contact the support staff to fully resolve the problem.  However, if you need immediate access go to the new UW email interface by clicking here.

You may also call the UW Technology phone number above for solutions to email problems, especially for home email problems.  They are quite helpful.

I tried to log in and now it says my account is locked – If you try to log in more then three times in a row using the wrong password, the account will lock you out for about 5 minutes.  If you believe you know your correct password but simply mistyped it then you can wait for 5 minutes for your account to become active again.  Otherwise see below.

I forgot my password or my password doesn’t seem to work – You will need to contact the computer staff so that we can reset your password.  Because we cannot see user passwords we will reset it and send you a new temporary password.  Once you can log in you will be able to change it by pressing the control-alt-delete keys at the same time and pressing the ‘change password’ button.  NOTE:  Student employees have their accounts automatically disabled at the end of spring quarter.  You can send an email to the support staff to reenable the account.

My computer is unusually slow, a specific program is not loading, etc – The first step is to try restarting the computer.  If that doesn’t work then you will need to contact the support staff.

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