Conditions at the Northwest Detention Center

  • Date: 2020
Conditions at NWDC report cover

Since 2017 UWCHR has sought to obtain information about conditions of detention in public and private detention facilities where immigrants are housed in Washington state. While our efforts to obtain information about conditions within the NWDC have been only partially successful due to the lack of transparency surrounding the facility, the information we have obtained is sufficiently concerning, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, that we are choosing to share our findings with the public even as our collection and analysis of further data continues.


This report is published as a series covering areas of human rights concerns at the facility including:

• Introduction
• Background, Methodology, and Human Rights Standards
• Sanitation of Food and Laundry
• Allegations of Medical Neglect
• Use of Solitary Confinement
• COVID-19 and Health Standards
• Reporting of Sexual Assault and Abuse
• Uses of Force and Chemical Agents
Research Update: Three Years of Cleanliness Concerns, No Consequences
• Research Update: Charles Leo Daniel’s Death at NWDC in Context