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Hellenic Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed for students interested in acquiring a comprehensive study of the Greek world, from antiquity to the present. Housed within the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, the Hellenic Studies program is a degree track within the European Studies Major. It can also be taken as a complement to any other major. The curriculum of the Hellenic Studies program draws on the histories and methodologies of the Social Sciences and the Humanities, encompassing a broad range of courses in the disciplines of Classics, Comparative Literature, Classical Archaeology, History, Art History, Comparative Religion, Political Science and Philosophy. As a result, the Hellenic Studies program enables students to study the Greek world in depth and from a variety of scholarly perspectives.

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Flag map of GreeceOne of the innovative aspects of the Hellenic Studies program is that it combines the traditional study of historical Greece with that of modern and contemporary Greece, offering a holistic understanding of Greek experience and of the various historical and contemporary forces that shaped the Greek language, history, literature, and culture over time. The Hellenic Studies program’s special emphasis on modern and contemporary Greece is mirrored in its placement as a degree track within the European Studies Major. Additionally, the program’s mission to support and promote the study of modern and contemporary Greece is further reflected in the opportunities it presents students with to study modern Greek language at all levels, and to gain first-hand experience of Greece by participating in the study-abroad program it organizes annually.

Other opportunities offered to students include special courses and public lectures on Greece given by visiting scholars and specialists, as well as cultural events, seminars and conferences addressing the cultural, social, political and economic aspects of Greek experience around the world and across time.

-Professor Christine Ingebritsen
Chair of the Hellenic Studies Program
Jackson School of International Studies

For inquiries or donations to the Hellenic Studies Program, please contact the Chair of the Program, Professor Christine Ingebritsen, or Dr. Nektaria Klapaki.

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